Why should you consider a Computer Science Degree?

Why should you consider a Computer Science Degree?
Why should you consider a Computer Science Degree?

A Career in Information Communications Technology (ICT) Industry

If you enjoy the challenge in problem-solving at a fast-paced IT role, you should consider pursuing a Degree in Computer Science.

As an Information Systems personnel, you are responsible for the computer systems within a company. You can consider employment in ICT consultancy firms, software development agencies, ICT services providers and telecommunication companies. These companies are likely to place greater emphasis on the effective and optimal operations of their ICT systems.

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What Will I Learn?

In this programme, you will develop the skills and knowledge you need to design and develop the kind of ideas, concepts and technologies that can change the world.

You will explore the theory, methods and systems used by the computing industry. You will study algorithms and algorithm development, software design and implementation, computer technology, computer systems and systems development.

You will learn how to create and apply computer and software systems to real-world problems. You will find many career opportunities anywhere in the world business, industry or government.

Professional Accreditation

The programmes are accredited at the professional level with the Australian Computer Society (ACS).

  • Data Scientist
  • Systems Analyst
  • Software Developer
  • Programme Developer
  • Computer Systems and Network Manager


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